309 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Graham 2a0401a35e Add Mach-O support 4 days ago
Graham f6324198ef Add support for OSRS beta caches and server_version param 4 days ago
Graham 8052561dcf Improve server_version support 4 days ago
Graham 1f83b8668d Fix detection of build 503 5 days ago
Graham 5b44a4bca6 Improve client build number matching 5 days ago
Graham 6412b70343 Remove Discord discriminator 5 days ago
Graham b56092585c Add link to Moparisthebest's archive 5 days ago
Graham 6fe155540a Convert namePointer from RVA to raw data pointer 5 days ago
Graham 6b18461297 Fix games_id_seq value in V10__variants.sql migration 5 days ago
Graham 73e959a3cb Add initial support for archiving clients 5 days ago
Graham c65cc2ff59 Allow server_version from jav_config to override build number 6 days ago
Graham ba72e14313 Add manual source_type 6 days ago
Graham 71b1ac8e20 Rename XteaKey to SymmetricKey 1 month ago
Graham d85c01d045 Remove extraneous semicolon 1 month ago
Graham 0b6610c062 Replace use of deprecated static/resources methods 1 month ago
Graham 651b2f8b5f Update Guice 1 month ago
Graham dfb1f3c0e6 Skip containers that already exist during import 2 months ago
Graham 28a9667471 Add support for resolving files/groups between old and new engine caches 3 months ago
Graham 97b53c5695 Remove use of wildcard import 3 months ago
Graham a5dfbdd691 Remove PolarKeyDownloader 3 months ago
Graham 5b8cd2964f Download names from Pazaz's repository 3 months ago
Graham 8cd73a926b Remove redundant type parameter 5 months ago
Graham 69ea1ac7ab Add beta HTTP js5 endpoint 5 months ago
Graham 9463a70520 Catch KeyDownloader::getMissingUrls exceptions 5 months ago
Graham 33ecd68654 Simplify CORS handling 6 months ago
Graham ddfc472c84 Switch to Ktor's Jetty backend 6 months ago
Graham 962716524e Fix lint error 8 months ago
Graham 54f2a44eab Move assignment outside if 8 months ago
Graham ba5c285a47 Remove defunct OpenOSRS key downloader and link 9 months ago
Graham ea9ec62e6e Add support for fetching master index from the API 9 months ago
Graham 62df015ad5 Always sort empty rows to the bottom of the table 11 months ago
Graham 55072a5102 Sort build column numerically 11 months ago
Graham 0814443bc5 Add total size of all caches to the caches page 11 months ago
Graham 2d7b235f15 Add support for the new OSRS short code map format 11 months ago
Graham 8f4d28393e Download XTEA keys from HDOS 12 months ago
Graham eebb54dd60 Disable formatting in all migrations 1 year ago
Graham 4ca7fab636 Add blank line between is blocks 1 year ago
Graham c0056f9cb1 Update kotlinter 1 year ago
Graham d63af29679 Fix linter error 1 year ago
Graham d0a46dc5e5 Removing loading requirements from the NXT downloader 1 year ago
Graham c3c240b4e6 Cache the /caches.json endpoint for 15 minutes 1 year ago
Graham 851ef8e4e9 Separate LoginResponse and Js5LoginResponse 1 year ago
Graham 1bb244b7f7 Move length encoding/decoding from Rs2{Decoder,Encoder} to PacketCodec 1 year ago
Graham 4c309a0f50 Split protocol packages into upstream/downstream packages 1 year ago
Graham 73defefef4 Create codecs with dependency injection 1 year ago
Graham 55ecf7a037 Add missing Guice API dependency to the archive module 1 year ago
Graham c01933614c Bind Jackson module consistently with other Guice modules 1 year ago
Graham c43d48f71b Rename LOGIN_DOWNSTREAM_JS5REMOTE to JS5REMOTE_DOWNSTREAM 1 year ago
Graham 0c2108d750 Add separate Protocol for INIT_JS5REMOTE_CONNECTION responses 1 year ago
Graham e90513aa36 Update to Ktor 2 1 year ago