52 Commits (master)

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Graham cf6e7cf8e7 Add methods for reading RSA keys from memory 5 months ago
Graham 7eae597892 Move RsaKeyProvider to the config module 6 months ago
Graham b37e4d0d0b Use alternatives for most methods deprecated in Kotlin 1.5 7 months ago
Graham 9e8d1fca1c Use type-safe project accessors 8 months ago
Graham 6498d39306 Add Gradle 7 version catalog 8 months ago
Graham 3d09c4d90a Make XteaKey a data class 9 months ago
Graham 31db959a46 Add XteaKeyDeserializer 10 months ago
Graham 359891c01e Convert all test objects to classes 10 months ago
Graham 5e6afb88f6 Improve RSA method naming 10 months ago
Graham 98d25539b9 Combine RSA encrypt and decrypt methods into a single crypt method 10 months ago
Graham ed7eb10411 Relax isPrivate checks in the encrypt/decrypt methods 10 months ago
Graham e9e7b7848d Add constant for the RSA magic byte 10 months ago
Graham 46b311c5ad Add XteaKey Jackson serializer 10 months ago
Graham f1c3c65811 Use upper case hex digits in golden ratio constant 10 months ago
Graham 1e3257acf7 Use consistent case for Unicode escapes in the Whirlpool S-box 10 months ago
Graham f90b9df505 Replace Paths.get() with Path.of() 10 months ago
Graham c70cfcfb30 Add ByteBuf.whirlpool() extension method 11 months ago
Graham 6f815b6334 Move return outside try block 11 months ago
Graham a86f000f88 Add StreamCipher interface and a NopStreamCipher implementation 1 year ago
Graham 76977303b2 Add shorthand methods for creating ByteBufs from ByteArrays and Strings 1 year ago
Graham f143eef142 Move Kotlin files from src/{main,test}/java to src/{main,test}/kotlin 1 year ago
Graham ce5b76ef0f Rename dev.openrs2 package to org.openrs2 1 year ago
Graham d755d486d6 Add initial cache and XTEA key archiving service 1 year ago
Graham 0e7e8f2d7d Make the individual components of an XteaKey public 1 year ago
Graham 2c7abdc7ff Use bufferedReader() extension method 1 year ago
Graham 9aaa095b02 Use DIGESTBYTES to set the size of the output ByteArray 1 year ago
Graham 380cc95d31 Make DIGESTBYTES public 1 year ago
Graham 192d5b9e8d Resolve inspections 1 year ago
Graham 232ba32bbd Enable explicit API mode 1 year ago
Graham e7ad4b92ff Group test files by test 1 year ago
Graham 3f59e1764c Store individual XteaKey components separately 1 year ago
Graham 1eb423fbf6 Mark sbox as const 1 year ago
Graham 95c97b8399 Add XteaKey inline class with ZERO "constant" and isZero method 1 year ago
Graham ce4de919b8 Use infix version of shl 1 year ago
Graham 1a0b7c1d33 Add Whirlpool implementation 1 year ago
Graham ba67f32d42 Format XteaTest 1 year ago
Graham e0708458f9 Add use extension method for releasing reference-counted objects 1 year ago
Graham 4da1c5c3cf Fix XTEA en/decryption if the index is not a multiple of the block size 1 year ago
Graham 7218855eb7 Fix en/decryption of XTEA messages not a multiple of the block size 1 year ago
Graham c3715d7320 Add useTempFile extension methods 1 year ago
Graham 8370ad104e Write files atomically 1 year ago
Graham ea82565cd6 Update Bouncy Castle 2 years ago
Graham 35fea8f293 Remove redundant substring() call 2 years ago
Graham 676be4a0cb Add XTEA implementation 2 years ago
Graham 7fc8c4e078 Add ISAAC cipher implementation 2 years ago
Graham ccf7056a93 Use private companion objects where possible 2 years ago
Graham 2f3cdca12d Reduce use of temporary files 2 years ago
Graham 3c051fe8c1 Rename private.key to game.key 2 years ago
Graham ed052c783b Use cache path and signer name from the config file 2 years ago
Graham 0c76c610bd Convert Guice modules to objects 2 years ago