Open-source multiplayer game server compatible with the RuneScape client
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Contributing to OpenRS2


OpenRS2 is still in the early stages of development. The current focus is on building underlying infrastructure, such as the deobfuscator, rather than game content. This approach will make it much quicker to build game content in the long run, but it does mean OpenRS2 won't be particularly useful in the short term.

If you're interested in contributing new features, you should discuss your plans in our Discord server first. I have rough plans in my head for the future development direction. Communicating beforehand will avoid the need for significant changes to be made at the code review stage and make it less likely for your contribution to be dropped entirely.

Code style

All source code must be formatted with IntelliJ IDEA's built-in formatter before each commit. The 'Optimize imports' option should also be selected. Do not select 'Rearrange entries'.

OpenRS2's code style settings are held in .idea/codeStyles/Project.xml in the repository, and IDEA should use them automatically after importing the Gradle project.

Kotlin code must pass all of ktlint's tests.

Always use // for single-line comments and /* for multi-line comments.

Commit messages

Commit messages should follow the 'seven rules' described in 'How to Write a Git Commit Message', with the exception that the summary line can be up to 72 characters in length (as OpenRS2 does not use email-based patches).

You should use tools like interactive rebase to ensure the commit history is tidy.

Developer Certificate of Origin

OpenRS2 uses version 1.1 of the Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO) to certify that contributors agree to license their code under OpenRS2's license (see the License section below). To confirm that a contribution meets the requirements of the DCO, a Signed-off-by: line must be added to the Git commit message by passing --signoff to the git commit invocation.

If you intend to make a large number of contributions, run the following commands from the repository root to add Signed-off-by: line to all your commit messages by default:

echo -e "\n\nSigned-off-by: $(git config <$(git config>" > .git/commit-template
git config commit.template .git/commit-template

The full text of the DCO is available in the DCO file.

OpenRS2 does not distribute any of Jagex's intellectual property in this repository, and care should be taken to avoid inadvertently including any in contributions.


OpenRS2 uses Semantic Versioning.


OpenRS2 only uses GitHub as a mirror. Issues and pull requests should be submitted to OpenRS2's self-hosted Gitea instance.