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Graham cdf6e3877c [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration 3 years ago
Graham c4e0338c36 [maven-release-plugin] prepare release v1.1.1 3 years ago
Graham 5331fced6a Update openrs2-parent 3 years ago
Graham 10699549b7 Remove Gradle configuration 3 years ago
Graham 64f78e9d98 Update dependencies 3 years ago
Graham 9c869a42c3 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 3 years ago
Roman Shevchenko 03a6b01b83 [java decompiler] getting rid of deprecated API usage 3 years ago
Roman Shevchenko 4814e96e8f [java decompiler] migrating to Gradle 7.0 3 years ago
Maxim Degtyarev 31cff62c94 Fix for IDEABKL-8006 IDE hangs when decompiling class which 3 years ago
Tagir Valeev e16fb8ef1d Avoid assignment used as condition 3 years ago
Vladimir Krivosheev ede143d4bd use jdk9+ Map.entry API instead of AbstractMap.SimpleImmutableEntry 3 years ago
Tagir Valeev 56d2f5f887 Unused assignments removed, misc other fixes 3 years ago
Roman Shevchenko e59c63ba56 [java decompiler] switching Gradle build to Maven Central 3 years ago
Roman Shevchenko 9cd86f9640 [java decompiler] skipping generated `module-info` statements 3 years ago
Roman Shevchenko e130aa6896 [java decompiler] supporting `package-info` 3 years ago
Roman Shevchenko 23b6aacfc7 Cleanup (formatting) 3 years ago
Roman Shevchenko 37bb6cf4d8 [java decompiler] separating `module-info` sections 3 years ago
Roman Shevchenko f40b96ebcf [java decompiler] minor refactoring + cleanup (duplicates; dependencies; test data layout; typos; formatting) 3 years ago
leonardosnt f259b38c72 IDEA-245329: Handle CONSTANT_Module and CONSTANT_Package 3 years ago
Roman Shevchenko 78d932a0cb [java-decompiler] aligning language level with the main project; bumping Gradle version 4 years ago
Anna Kozlova e708ad6393 java 11 migration: explicit -> diamond for anonymous classes 4 years ago
Nikolay Chashnikov e19aab61ce [java] API cleanup: remove unused API which was deprecated for a long time (IDEA-259329) 4 years ago
Maxim Degtyarev dbf407a655 Fix NPE inside `ExceptionRangeCFG::toString()` for `finally` exception range 4 years ago
Tagir Valeev 143e2396ae Avoid set.removeAll(list) 4 years ago
Alexey Kudravtsev 7f65f48b3f use more high-level methods to copy arrays instead of low-level cryptic System.arraycopy() 4 years ago
Vladimir Krivosheev 50691f39fb cleanup (final) 4 years ago
Graham 237f7a8f0c Update <ciManagement> 4 years ago
Graham 0606491b1e Update Docker image name 4 years ago
Graham d23dee7271 [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration 4 years ago
Graham ad90eafde8 [maven-release-plugin] prepare release v1.1.0 4 years ago
Graham b910c408b5 Map old Git author emails to 4 years ago
Graham f11ed78169 Replace with 4 years ago
Graham 40f55b4c4f Update dependencies 4 years ago
Graham d12a2dab06 Split custom merge logic into a separate shouldMerge function 4 years ago
covers1624 9e525f7aeb Revert change to FieldExprent#getExprentUse 4 years ago
Graham 1f2ee3c81f Inline assignments made before a return 4 years ago
Graham 74c7174bbf Re-enable simpleMerge with additional scoping restrictions 4 years ago
LexManos fda8f42dd0 Fix local variables incorrectly merging. 4 years ago
Tagir Valeev f61e659e58 [java-stubs] Hide synthetic equals/hashCode/toString in records (stubs+decompiler) 4 years ago
Tagir Valeev 1651445c90 [java-decompiler] IDEA-246839 Support java records in decompiler 4 years ago
Graham 0c1291b8ff Implement common superclass/interface algorithm in getCommonSupertype 4 years ago
Tagir Valeev 0749965bc9 [java-decompiler] initConstant: fix getField/putField handling 4 years ago
simon816 44ae885a96 Ignore library classes when saving decompilation result 4 years ago
malte0811 ab4a7ddd16 Fix incorrect decompilation of inverted floating point comparisons with NaN (IDEA-196302) 4 years ago
Graham 34110df5f4 Improve heuristic for converting while loops to for loops 4 years ago
Graham 49c640733c Remove issingle condition in matchFor 4 years ago
Graham 4d46ef6312 Use more deterministic local variable names 4 years ago
Graham 964f7292a8 Defer refreshVarNames until debug names have been assigned 4 years ago
Graham 17c4438d37 Fix renaming variable declarations without assignments 4 years ago
Graham 7a34b8e85a Add variable declaration support to iterateExprents 4 years ago