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Graham 651b2f8b5f Update Guice 10 months ago
Graham 5b8cd2964f Download names from Pazaz's repository 1 year ago
Graham c0056f9cb1 Update kotlinter 2 years ago
Graham ab2c56f0af Set HttpClient timeouts 3 years ago
Graham 3368818ca1 Download names from Polar's fork of RuneStar 3 years ago
Graham fc6e739879 Add e prefix to the name generator 3 years ago
Graham c5bd044574 Add CloseableInjector 3 years ago
Graham 37d86af7c1 Add command for downloading group names from RuneStar 3 years ago
Graham f143eef142 Move Kotlin files from src/{main,test}/java to src/{main,test}/kotlin 4 years ago