Open-source multiplayer game server compatible with the RuneScape client
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Drone Discord ISC license


OpenRS2 is an open-source multiplayer game server and suite of associated tools. It is compatible with build 550 of the RuneScape client, which was released in late 2009.


OpenRS2 requires version 11 or later of the Java Development Kit.

The JDK is required even if a pre-built copy of OpenRS2 is used, as it depends on JDK-only tools, such as jarsigner, at runtime.

Non-free components

OpenRS2 requires the original RuneScape client code, data and location file encryption keys, which we cannot legally distribute.

These files must be manually placed in the nonfree directory (directly beneath the root of the repository), in the following structure:

├── lib
│   ├── jaggl.pack200
│   ├── loader_gl.jar
│   ├── loader.jar
│   ├── runescape_gl.pack200
│   ├── runescape.jar
│   └── unpackclass.pack
└── share
    ├── cache
    │   ├── 0
    │   │   ├── 0.dat
    │   │   └── ...
    │   ├── ...
    │   └── 255
    │       ├── ...
    │       └── 28.dat
    └── keys.json

The CRC-32 checksums and SHA-256 digests of the correct files are:

CRC-32 checksum SHA-256 digest File
-1418094567 d39578f4a88a376bcb2571f05da1939a14a80d8c4ed89a4eb172d9e525795fe2 jaggl.pack200
-2129469231 31182683ba04dc0ad45859161c13f66424b10deb0b2df10aa58b48bba57402db loader_gl.jar
-1516355035 ccdfaa86be07452ddd69f869ade86ea900dbb916fd853db16602edf2eb54211b loader.jar
-132784534 4a5032ea8079d2154617ae1f21dfcc46a10e023c8ba23a4827d5e25e75c73045 runescape_gl.pack200
1692522675 0ab28a95e7c5993860ff439ebb331c0df02ad40aa1f544777ed91b46d30d3d24 runescape.jar
-1911426584 7c090e07f8d754d09804ff6e9733ef3ba227893b6b639436db90977b39122590 unpackclass.pack

The .gitignore file includes the nonfree directory to prevent any non-free material from being accidentally included in the repository.


Run ./gradlew to download the dependencies, build the code, run the unit tests and package it.


OpenRS2 is available under the terms of the ISC license, which is similar to the 2-clause BSD license. The full copyright notice and terms are available in the LICENSE file.