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Graham 6498d39306 Add Gradle 7 version catalog 8 months ago
Graham e0d9f2f0a2 Fix module descriptions (Guava module -> Guice module) 9 months ago
Graham 3ff6cd2d02 Add custom JSON pretty printer 10 months ago
Graham 0a92ce020d Fix warning about deprecated SNAKE_CASE constant 12 months ago
Graham 59f48e3859 Remove @JvmSuppressWildcards on multibindings 1 year ago
Graham f143eef142 Move Kotlin files from src/{main,test}/java to src/{main,test}/kotlin 1 year ago
Graham ce5b76ef0f Rename dev.openrs2 package to org.openrs2 1 year ago
Graham 5aa92fd600 Add JSON module 1 year ago